We have created a DAO with many users.

VirtualGameCoin DAO hopes to link users and global developers through the decentralized DAO community and the VGC token.

Ddevelopers can publish applications to global VGCers through the VGC ecosystem and earn VGC token.

The VGC blockchain will make all users be a mobile nodes. VGC main network users and applications use the blockchain ledger to communicate with each other, and will no longer be restricted by the centralized network.

IPFS miners will provide storage services for application developers.

Developers, user accounts, and VGC tokens are not controlled by any centralized organization.

Let the internet back to what it was.

Donate to VGCTeam

Donate USDT(TRC20) to VGCTeam

When you donate ≥ 5 USDT(trc20)

VGC Foundation will send a random amount of VirtualGameCoin to your donation address to express its gratitude to you. Therefore, please use imtoken / Tokenpocket / Tronlink and other wallets that support trc20 protocol. Please do not withdraw directly from the exchange, so you will not receive the VGC automatically sent by the system.