Donate to VGCTeam

Donate to VGCTeam

With the support of many communities and volunteers, VGC project has great attention and trust. Vgcteam is trying to complete the tasks we originally planned to complete in three years.

VGC has entered a new stage now. We also hope to improve the VGC ecology faster, develop more and better games and applications to VGCer, and make VGC more valuable.

VGC belongs to all VGCers. We do not want to be controlled by any consortium or organization, so we reject all organizations that want to invest. VGCTeam will never accept any consortium or investment. If you are willing to trust and help us, you can donate usdt (trc20) to the following trc20 account to help VGCTeam pay huge server and other necessary expenses, and help us to develop more games and applications.


When you donate ≥ 5 USDT(trc20)

VGC Foundation will send a random amount of VirtualGameCoin to your donation address to express its gratitude to you. Therefore, please use imtoken / Tokenpocket / Tronlink and other wallets that support trc20 protocol. Please do not withdraw directly from the exchange, so you will not receive the VGC automatically sent by the system.