Introduction to arena / Pet synthetic system and project disclosure

[Pets alliance] the arena and pet synthesis / regeneration (cleansing) system will be updated soon

[Arena] Every Wed/ Sun at 20:00 (HKT), when the number of applicants reaches 100, the match will be started. If the number of applicants is insufficient, it will be postponed to the next round. All players can sign up to join the match. The top 10 players can get diamond rewards. According to the ranking can get 2000~40000 diamonds. The competition uses 1v1 random battle and the elimination rules of the loser group.

[Bet] The arena can accept up to 100 players in each round. When the number of applicants is full, the champion bet channel will be opened. All players can guess the champion. When the selected player wins the champion, the lucky one will win all the diamonds of the game.

[Pet regeneration (refining)] You need to use a pet of any quality to reset the pet in battle. After refining, you will get a new pet, keep the level, and give new upgraded ability that meets the current level.

[Pet synthesis] Synthesize high-quality pets by using different numbers of low-quality pets. The sum of pet grades used for synthesis needs to meet the synthesis conditions. The pet level after synthesis is the average of all pet levels used for synthesis, and the maximum level is no more than 10.

[Project disclosure]: After the first stage of unrestricted opening of vnft market, VGCMainNet has collected more than 10000 NFT works, we have found many excellent works. The next version of NFT market will be significantly revised. It will collect outstanding works into the collection, and issue official authentication to outstanding artists and collectors, so that they can sell and create more NFT works with more collection significance.

VGCTeam obtained a strategic angel investment of $1 million. This investment does not involve the sale of any virtualgamecoin tokens, but only the shares of the future main company and help VGC accelerate the process of market commercialization. Subsequently, VGC NFT collection series will be launched in the official name, and the official first limited commemorative NFT casting activities will be launched. It is the world’s first to combine NFT with community applications and more value-added services in the future, giving NFT holders more identity, rights, value-added space, in community applications.

We are getting better:)



【競技場】每週三/周日20:00(HKT)報名人數達到100開啟比賽,如報名人數不足,則延遲至下一輪次開賽。 每場比賽最多接受100名玩家參賽,所有玩家均可報名。 比賽前十名都可以獲得鑽石獎勵,根據名次不同可獲得2000~40000鑽石。 賽制使用1v1隨機淘汰及敗者組淘汰規則。



【寵物合成】使用數量不等的低品質的寵物,合成高品質寵物,用於合成的寵物等級的總和需要滿足合成的條件。 合成後的寵物等級為所有用於合成的寵物等級平均值,最高不超過10級。

【项目公开】:VNFT市場經過第一階段的無限制開放和收集,VGCMainNet收集了超過1萬張NFT作品,其中我們發現了許多優秀作品。 下一個版本的NFT市場將進行較大幅度的改版。會將優秀作品歸集到集合內,並會為優秀的藝術家和收藏家發放官方認證身份,便於其出售和創作更多更有收藏意義的NFT作品。 VGCTeam获得了100万美金战略天使投资,此次投资不涉及出售任何VirtualGameCoin代币,仅涉及未来主体公司股份及帮助VGC加快市场商业化进程。后续將以官方名義推出VGC創世NFT收藏品系列,官方首發限量紀念NFT鑄造活動等。全球首創將NFT與社區應用和未来更多增值服務結合,賦予NFT持有人更多收藏之外的社區應用上的身份和權益、增值空间等。敬請期待。