VGC Project Planning

1st stage(Now)- Release Vcore miner tool, let developers and users from all over the world participate in VGC ecology for free, and recruit volunteers. Gradually release other basic applications in VGC ecology.

2nd stage – When the 500 millionth VGC is produced, the existing Vcore tools will no longer be produced. Through vpay, we can decentralize the payment wallet and open the collection of money. Map the VGC currently released in trc20 to the VGC blockchain. At the same time, Vcore personal node tool is released. You can install Vcore as a node on your PC. by providing your hard disk and network, you can store data for the application in VGC ecosystem and get VGC.

3rd stage – Open source of VGC code. Since then, VGC has been jointly maintained by all volunteers around the world, and ecological development decisions have been jointly decided by all community members. The founding members of vgcteam will remain anonymous in honor of Mr. Nakamoto.