VirtualGameCoin 4 years

Since the release of VGC in the summer of 2020, she has been 4 years old today. As a blockchain project that can survive for 4 years and still serve everyone, this is our honor. On her 4th birthday, we presented her with a safety audit report as a gift, which is also a necessary component of her listing plan. You can now view this report through the official website.
We have decided to use the portion reserved by the VGC Foundation to reward users who support VGC. Therefore, we appeal to all communities and VGCers to share the screenshots of the VGC official website link or donation page on TG/ins/FB/Youtube/Tiktok and other social media platforms, and send the screenshots to VGCTeam through the email at the bottom of the official website, with your mining area number attached. The final evaluation will be based on your media fan base, group size, industry relevance, and other factors. As long as your actions contribute to promoting and promoting VGC, we will directly air drop VGC to your VPay. We also welcome all media to include VGC as your news content.
We hope to distribute more of the currently overly centralized VGC to users. So, we decided to accept some community suggestions and air drop VGC for users who have donated to us. Send ≥ 10 USDT (trc20) to the official donation address and you will receive VGC tokens at the current market price immediately. At the same time, the system will record and count these wallet addresses, and air drop additional VGC to these addresses based on the total transaction amount of each address before listing.

我们希望让目前过于集中的VGC更多的分散到用户手中。同时决定接受一些社区的提议,为向我们捐助的用户空投VGC。向官网捐助地址发送≥10 USDT(trc20),您将立即以当前市场价格收到等量的VGC代币。同时系统会记录和统计这些钱包地址并在上市前根据地址的总交易金额额外空投VGC。