Virtualgamecoin NFT market upgrade and new rules

We followed the suggestions of community volunteers and decided to adjust the rules.

VGCers who registered after October 1,2021 will need to hold a special NFT to be a super vgcer. Only this way can continue to obtain VGC through activity. In order to reduce human factors and anti cheating rules to interfere with the system, and avoid misjudgment leading to poor user experience, the new account will have the withdraw freely, system and VGCTeam will no longer interven.

Update introduction:

  1. NFT market update, supporting TRX Trading;
  2. Add vgcer user account level, accumulate user level according to the active time of user account, and make accounts with higher participation and longer participation more valuable. User level represents users’ participation and contribution in the community. In the future social system and Dao community system, different rights and interests will be given according to users’ level. For example: voting, proposal, gray test, various priorities, etc.
  3. Virtualgamecoin genesis NFT create: series of NFT limited casting activities issued in the official VGC, which is the first to give NFT super rights to community and platform applications. Holding the officially issued NFT, you will be able to get more VGC through activity, and community special services. In the future, more application functions will be provided for this NFTs, such as customizing chat tool numbers, rebuilding mnemonics for account, etc. The NFT creator will permanently receive the royalty of NFT after each transaction in the future. See the introduction of Genesis NFT casting for details. The NFTs can mortgage in the vpay financial system, and the loan amount will be evaluated based on the casting price of the NFT and the increase of transaction price in the market.

We received a lot email from VGCers asking whether our reservation plan will be changed. Vgcteam always adhere to the original intention. In the current low tide stage of the overall market, we will adhere to the development of VGC, create a larger platform, and provide more applications and services for everyone. In the future, we will update several games and 2022 Qatar world cup games. According to the market strategic arrangement, some advertisements will be released gradually to attract more external users and brand.

VirtualGameCoin NFT市場陞級及規則調整