VirtualGameCoin project Plan(2022 Q2)

Dear community leaders and VGCERS:

VGC has been release VScan, Equipment Master, NFT market, C2C transaction and other functions in main net according to the original plan. The basic closed loop of VGC ecology has been formed. In view of the current development situation of the project, and in order to have a better future of VGC project, VGCTeam announced the 2Q project plan of 2022:

VSteam Game [Pet alliance], the public test version will be launched in the first or second week of April, players can use VGC to extract pets for cultivation, participate in PVE battles to earn vgc, and can engage in PVP battles with other players.

NFT market: VNFT market is positioned to allow more people to produce their own NFT with low cost, so there is no more manual intervention in the NFT market except audit. You can create your own NFT as much as you like, and as long as its value can be recognized by the market, it can become a more valuable and excellent NFT collection. VGCTeam also plans to collaborate with artists and art Unions to launch the official VGC NFT art collection.

Clean-up of invalid users: We don’t need a false user registration Numbers, and more will need to use digital currency block chain, know the block value chain of users and preachers. After discussion with some community owners and considering the need of anti-cheating, we need to adjust the existing rules:

3.1 The rules of detecting and obtaining withdrawal permission of the current anti-cheating system remain unchanged;

3.2 After your account obtains the withdrawal permission in VCore, you can transfer the VGC in VCore to VPay. However, if there is no withdrawal in the VPay of the account within 30 days after obtaining the withdrawal permission, the account will be regarded as invalid by the system and the transfer permission of VCore will be permanently closed. However, you can still use this account for games and withdrawals within VPay.

3.3 [Withdrawal behavior] Refers to the withdrawal of any amount of VGC from VPay’s “VGC wallet” to any of your TRC20 wallets, or the withdrawal of any amount of VGC from VPay’s “VGC wallet” to VPay’s TRC20 assets (If you have already done withdrawal behavior can ignore this information).

VGC has entered a new stage, the whole VGC ecosystem needs new users of better quality to join VGC, strengthen anti-cheating, and popularize and promote the use of VPay. To let more users who have just joined VGC experience the use of VPay, we will adjust the daily participation rules of VCore: every day when you click to charge, you must ensure that your Vpay-TRC20 assets are not 0 (TRX/USDT/VGC, any one is not 0). If all three items are 0, the account will not be able to click to charge. For new users, VGC (TRC20) can be obtained from existing invitators \C2C exchange\ Sunswap and other channels.

We are well aware that implementing the new rules in this way will lose a lot of activity including some users, but for the future of the VGC project, illusory activity does not bring any real value to the VGC or the community as a whole. So we don’t worry about that. Of course, the existing anti-cheating rules remain unchanged, which does not mean that new users can immediately have the withdrawal permission.

C2C exchange: VGC’s own exchange system has been developed by VGCTeam@eu, we will take the lead in upgrading the C2C trading system, VGC-USDT trading pair will be upgraded to the same system matching trading mode as many exchanges, with more perfect market price and chart, and more convenient for game players to trade VGC. As for whether to open other trading pairs, we will vote in the community to decide. Currently VGCTeam does not have enough service staff to run a professional exchange market.

Upgrade of VCommunity: Currently, this module only has the functions of user voting and VGC Foundation account disclosure, which will be added in the future: Block chain industry information function, the user can through the use of VCommunity query and understand the latest industry information, industry analysis, at the same time we also welcome block chain industry experts, scholars, we will give you the platform, will spread your knowledge to more block chain industry practitioners.

BUG fixes: Due to the anti-cheating mechanism, we have added various restrictions, which were not considered properly. In the next update, we will fix such bugs. The withdrawal rules of VPay are no longer synchronously with VCore, making it easier for users to withdraw for games and transactions.

We have received alot of suggestions from volunteers and community leaders on listing on the exchange. At present, many small and medium-sized exchanges are actively communicating with VGCTeam about listing, and VGCTeam also has special personnel to keep close communication with various large exchanges, but this is not the top priority at this stage. The VGCTeam has members who have opened exchanges and are very aware of the rules in the industry, such as exchanges overtrading, Finally, exchanges will buy USDT in everyone’s hands into VGC numbers that cannot be withdrawn.Therefore, we are very cautious about this kind of cooperation. VGC is a joint achievement of VGCTeam with various community owners and VGCERS. In the cooperation with any exchange, as VGCTeam, it must also guarantee the control in its own hands, so as to protect the interests of all VGCERS. Now VGC project has not done any marketing activities, we need to make it have a richer ecology and better user group, and at the same time, VGCTeam will welcome more professionals to join, we will be listed at the right time, in coordination with comprehensive publicity, as well as the exchange’s synchronous activity publicity.






3.1 當前反作弊系統檢測並獲得提幣權限的規則不變;
3.2 當你的賬戶在VCore獲得提幣權限後,您可以將在VCore內的VGC劃轉入VPay。但如果在獲得提幣權限30天內,該賬戶的VPay中沒有發生過任何提幣行為,將被系統視為無效賬戶,會被永久關閉VCore的提幣劃轉權限。但您仍然可以使用該賬戶進行遊戲和VPay內的提幣。
3.3 【提幣行為】指:從VPay的「VGC錢包」將任意數量的VGC提取至您的任意TRC20錢包,或者從VPay的「VGC錢包」將任意數量的VGC提取至VPay的TRC20資產,(已經有過提幣行為的用戶可以忽略此條信息)。