VirtualGameCoin Sports will follow the major events in the future to provide VGCer with mainstream sports game services such as the World Cup/European Champion League/European Club Champion League/European National League/NBA….
The game has been opened during the 2022 Qatar World Cup now.The purpose is to bring more entertainment and interaction to everyone in the process of sports events and add more application scenarios for VirtualGameCoin. In order to distinguish from gambling, we only use the 90 minute results of the main race as the settlement basis for the game of sports events, and do not provide betting during the competition.And the odds are adjusted according to the European odds.If the game is abnormal/cancelled due to epidemic(COVID-19)/war/natural disaster or other irresistible factors during any competition, we will cancel the order for you and refund all the amounts.

The VGC Sports will also provide VGCer with business games based on NFT of star cards and team building,hoping to bring you more scenes of using VGC for entertainment in the future.

VirtualGameCoin Sports系列將在今後跟隨世界各大賽事的開展為VGCer提供世界盃/歐洲冠軍杯/歐洲俱樂部冠軍聯賽/歐洲國家聯賽/NBA等主流體育賽事遊戲服務。

現在為大家開放的是2022卡塔爾世界盃的相關遊戲。 目的是為了在體育賽事過程中給大家帶來更多的娛樂和社群互動性以及為VirtualGameCoin新增更多應用場景。 為了與賭博區分,對於體育賽事的競猜遊戲,我們只按照正賽90分鐘結果為結算依據,不提供比賽過程中的實时下注。並且根據下單時間的不同相應獎勵比例也會根據歐洲進行實时調整,如果在任何比賽期間因為疫情/戰爭/自然灾害或其他不可抗拒因素導致比賽异常/取消等,我們將為您取消訂單並原路退還所有金額。