If you are willing to help vpay test, you can use vpay API to access vpay payment in your application or game to help us test. We support all H5 games and applications to access VPay payment. After connecting your games or application to VPay for payment, you can send your game / application address to VGCTeam by email(mrhack1001@protonmail.com), and we will see it in VSteam.

如果您願意幫助VPay進行測試,您可以使用VPAY-API,在您的應用程序或遊戲中接入VPay,以幫助我們進行測試。我們支持所有的H5遊戲和應用接入VPay。在將您的遊戲或應用接入VPay後,可以通過郵件將您的遊戲/應用地址發給VGCTeam (mrhack1001@protonmail.com) ,我們將會在VSteam見到它。

VPay-API coming soon…