VNFT Market

According to the suggestions sent by community volunteers, the NFT market has been updated. The NFT market is currently in the public testing stage. At present, most NFT works in the industry rely on inviting celebrities to hype or self hype after the project party issues them, but they have no actual value and transaction significance. Vgcnft market is positioned in the hope that more ordinary users can produce their own NFT at low cost. Rely on the quality of the work and the consensus of other users to give it a higher price. All users can create any NFT works without restrictions. However, the NFT market will support and encourage original works and share the good things around them. Using mobile phones and cameras to shoot / original works from life / family / landscape / original paintings / art categories will be supported. If you want to create a copy from the Internet to be collected or shared by vnft, please do not select the “original” option when uploading. Creatvalue’s creation of value is the recognition of this work by the NFT author. When creating NFT, the corresponding VGC will enter the wallet corresponding to the vnft smart contract address. When you mortgage NFT works, it’s the same as your loan in the banking system. For works with higher value, collection value and quality, you will get more credit, because when you default, the financial system should ensure that you can sell the work you mortgaged to others. Please light up your favorite works. Let’s decide which works can be displayed first in the NFT market.

應社區志願者發來的建議,NFT市場已更新,NFT市場現時處於公開測試階段,當前大多數業內的NFT作品都是依靠邀请名人炒作或項目方發行後自我炒作,但本身並沒有任何實際價值以及成交意義。 VGCNFT市場定位於希望更多的普通用戶能够低成本生產自己的NFT。依託作品質量和其他用戶的共識來賦予它更高的價格。 所有用戶都可以不受限制的創建任何NFT作品。 但是NFT市場會更支持和鼓勵原創作品,分享身邊的美好事物。 使用手機、相機拍攝/來源於生活/家庭/風景/原創畫作/藝術品類的原創作品會是受支持的。 來源於網絡的複製品,如果想創造成為VNFT收藏或分享,請在上傳時不要選擇「原創」選項。 CreatValue創造價值是該NFT作者對這個作品的認可,創造NFT時,對應的VGC會進入VNFT智慧合約地址對應的錢包。 當您抵押NFT作品時,就和您在銀行系統貸款一樣。 對於創建價值越高、越有收藏價值以及質量越高的作品,會獲得更多的額度,因為當您違約時,金融系統要保證自己能將您抵押的這個作品出售給其他人。 請大家為您喜歡的作品點亮小紅心,NFT市場讓大家决定哪一個作品能優先展示。VGCTeam将根据用户反馈不断调整用户体验。NFT市场会不断更新出新的升级,如艺术家身份/名人的身份、用户投票下架等功能,在系統成熟後,邀請藝術家和名人進入NFT市場。